Meet the Fundraising Committee

Siranne van Onselen

I began following Reef in October 2011 and became friends with Charmeon Carneson (Reef's paternal granny) and subsequently Reef's parents, Ryan and Lydia.  The family had already left for the USA by that time and I have never met Reef but fell in love with his spirit and his will to live (and lets not forget his constant smile). When Charmeon asked me to join the committee to help drive fundraising initiaves for Reef, there was no way I could say no.

Social Media/Website, Team Member, Cape Town

Desre Eveleigh

I have never met Reef but started following his story on FB at the time they moved to the USA. Love this little boy as if he were my own and my greatest wish is to meet him one day.

Team Member, Johannesburg

Chantal Webb

I first heard about reef thro Angela Enslin on fb - seeing her posts and knowing her ( my husband grew up with her family and son ) I realized that she was very passionate about him and this inspired me and then he just caught my heart. cancer is close to my heart as I've lost my mom and dad to it and they never gave up fighting. We will still not give up this fight. Xxxxxx

Team Member, Bedfordview

Marcelle Olivier

I first read about Reef on Facebook in August 2011. He touched my heart instantly and I knew that I just had to do something to help him and his loving family. I was so lucky to have met Reef, Lydia, Ryan, Payten, Charmeon and Don on 15 October 2011. On 26 October 2011 I hosted the Golf Day For Reef at Vaal de Grace in Parys - what a huge success it was. We managed to raise R60000+ for Reef that day. It was also on this day that the family left for the US. Reef is such an inspiration to me. He made me realise that we can never give up. I recently lost my loving Uncle to cancer (30days after he was diagnosed). So, I feel for the pain that this family is going through, I know how devastating cancer is. But I also know that through Christ all is possible. Just look at how far Reef has come..

Team Member, Rustenberg

Annika Verheem

There was a post shared on fb trying to raise funds for Reef to go overseas, it has become part of my daily routine to check his page for any updates ever since. It's an honour to be on his fundraising committee now

Team Member, Kloof, Durban

Tammy Soper

I was watching "The Doctors" and fell head over heels when Reef's story aired. This is my daughter Shelby and I at our first fundraiser for Reef in North Carolina. Reef's such a lovable boy, he stole our hearts forever.

Team Member, USA

Angela Enslin


Team Member, Johannesburg

Dimitra Dinos

I first heard about Reefie when I was looking into becoming a donor for the Sunflower fund. I can't really say why I feel a connection to a child I've never met but I do know that I can't go a day without checking in to see what our little hero is up to. I pray that one day I will be able to meet him when he is finally well and able to return home.

Team Member, Johannesburg

Annika Heymans

I stumbled onto Reef's journey shortly before they moved from South Africa. Since then, his charming smile, hopeful eyes and happy body changed my whole life. I love Reef so much, I am in tears when he is in so much pain, but when he smiles and plays, I smile with him (with tears in my eyes), and I admire him, knowing that he is in so much pain, but still he smiles and is "happy no matter what".

Team Member, Freestate

Angie Manser

I heard about Reef through Bonita Suckling when her little boy Jed was so sick back in 2010, and have been following his journey ever since

Team Member, Knysna

Zuzie-Makova van de Venter

I read about Reef in the YOU magazine (the first article years ago) and also saw him on Kyknet and then joined his Facebook page and have been a supporter ever since

Team Member, Johannesburg

Pam Devine


Team member, USA

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