Reef's medical needs and care are ongoing.  Ryan is working, but unfortunately his salary is not enough to cover all of Reef's treatments, medications and therapies on top of rent, food, gas and other monthly living costs.


If you would be interested in joining the Team Reef Fundraising committee, or if you don't want to join but you would be interested in running a fundraiser for Reef or have an idea, please fill out the below application 


You can make a donation from anywhere in the world via Paypal  

Ryan's direct Paypal Address is


Reef’s Trust fund in RSA:

Account Name : RDJ Carneson

Bank : Standard Bank

Branch : Northcliff

Branch Code : 006305

Account number : 008417059

Swift Code : SBZAZAJJ

(For International Donations)


South Africans: 

Donate once off by SMS by smsing "Reef" to 38771 at a cost of R10!


Subscribe for R20 per month - SMS "Reef" to 31222 and follow the sms prompts


You can also donate via GoFundMe